New York is known for its coffee drinking culture. Over the years, a series of coffee shops have mushroomed in the state and other parts of the world. Rochester has not been left behind in this trend. Starry Nites Cafe is one of the most notable cafes in Rochester. It is located at the famous Flatiron Building at the intersection of University Avenue and Atlantic Avenue. Starry Nites Cafe is the go-to place when you are seeking solitude, want to catch up with your friends, work in a silent corner, or just sip over a cup of coffee and reflect. Regardless of your reason for visiting Starry Nites Cafe, you will certainly be inspired by the iconic wall from which the name is derived.

Are you looking for a cafe with hospitable staff, wonderful homemade provisions, and a delightful brew, all locally sourced with diligence? Starry Nites Cafe is the place to be. If you are not in the mood for tea or coffee, you can choose from a wide selection of wines and beers. Starry Nites Cafe is a popular hangout joint during weekends where people come out to enjoy live music. During winter, coffee enthusiasts find solace in the cozy environment inside Starry Nites Cafe. And during summer, find the establishment’s patio to be an airy space. Regardless of what time of the year it is, Starry Nites Cafe will brighten your day.

Starry Nites Cafe offers some of Rochester’s freshest Java for coffee enthusiasts who would like to drink and reflect. At Starry Nites Cafe, Patrons can combine their dishes with an item from the cafe’s full bar. The establishment also offers complimentary Wi-Fi, allowing you to browse the internet from your laptop, tablet, or phone while you enjoy your cup of coffee or fresh meal at the coffee shop.

At Starry Nites Cafe, you do not have to sacrifice comfort for Style. The dress code at Starry Nites Cafe is business casual, allowing patrons to look and feel fantastic. There is parking available near the cafe, making it very convenient for guests arriving by car. This eliminates the hassle of driving in circles looking for a parking spot. Starry Nites Cafe also features safe parking space for bikers.

Starry Nites Cafe offers one of the best price-value propositions around, and you can pay using a credit card or cash. Once you visit the establishment, you can be certain that you will leave with a full stomach without breaking the bank.

Starry Nites Cafe offers different menu options during lunch, dinner, and breakfast. Not only does the establishment serve great coffee and meals, but it also has an amazing and cozy atmosphere. If you are a fan of Vincent Van Gogh, you will find Starry Nites Cafe to be a tad bit irresistible. The cafe offers a wide selection of food and snacks that you can grab on your way to work, including sandwiches, cookies, and soups.

One of the most fantastic things that patrons love about Starry Nites Cafe is that it is never too quiet or too loud (which is a nice perk for the Revco Solutions next door). The cafe offers the right noise balance for both relaxation and work. Getting work done is not always a walk in the park — particularly if you work for yourself or are a freelancer. More often than not, there will be a distraction in your environment. This could be needy pets, endless Instagram refreshes, or an untidy room. The good news is that you do not have to worry about that at Starry Nites Cafe. Starry Nites Cafe’s serene and cozy atmosphere offers you a perfect work-from-home away-from-home space, so to speak.